Sherwood photo club

Sherwood photo club

Sherwood Photo Club.

What do we love so much about history, legends and mysteries? I am personally fascinated about the Time. This incredibly relative phenomenon, that can progress fast or mind-blowingly slow. All depends on the scale. All those lives and happenings during the thousands and millions of years are reportable evidences of time. The history is the echo that still resonates in our days today. However, the story has been told and lived by an ancient ancestor.

Isn’t it remarkable and unsettling? It gives me goosebumps every time I sense the invisible print of a long gone energy.

For someone it is just another tale from a story-book. For us, it is a piece of puzzle of our existence and we love being a part of it.


Do you have something special to share? Fantastic! We will be happy to be part of your ‘la la land’. Check out our List of Aspiration and let’s make it happen together.

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