Hello there. My name is Dina. I am a professional wedding photographer based in London. Photography is absolutely my passion and I cannot imagine my life without my camera around me. There are numerous types of photography and the reason I end up as a wedding photographer is simple: it’s a beautiful and magical profession filled with real feelings and emotions. Watching you surrounded by loving people who are there to celebrate your happiness, is just the cherry on the cake.

Before you ask what my style is, let me tell you I am not one of the labelled ones. There are some types, however, that are closer to my heart. The Documentary style for its spontaneity or Fine Art for its pure beauty, just to mention two.

Besides, I truly believe that flexing my style to your personality is the key for the perfect images. One thing never changes: at the end of the day, you will have those unseen moments and the must-haves captured. I prefer to mingle in the crowd like a shadow to catch the spirit of the day. The laughter and sometimes the happy tears.

So, to sum it up, what can you expect from me? A very positive, passionate and cheerful photographer who will deliver a creative wrap for your magical day, so when you open the box of your memories in 30 years time it melts your heart again.

If you like my philosophy please do not hesitate to contact me here or through my Facebook page as limited spaces available and I would be extremely honoured to be part of your “la la land”.

With love,