New York – Gorgeous. Filthy. Unforgettable

New York – Gorgeous. Filthy. Unforgettable

New York Gorgeous?

Filthy Ignorant Live Unforgettable.

For many people it is the greatest city in the world and we can include to this column the 100 % of the new yorkers and these two. I just cannot picture the scenario when someone takes a visit to New York and can leave without the unbearable urge to buy the tiniest rabbit hole flat in Manhattan and to live happily ever after. it just us?..

Before anyone would condemn us having lack of clear vision, New York is filthy and stinky (very!). The food is terrible unless you are happy to live on hamburgers (gorgeous) to the rest of your life. Also, if you are persistent you can find those little gems called ‘Italian restaurants’ and/or ‘vegan restaurants’, which we luckily have.

Dispite of all this we are addictedly and irreversibly in love with it.

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