Dina Zanne


Creative Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Hello there! I am glad you reached my page. My name is Dina and I am a wedding photographer based in London. You probably started planning this day around the age of 5-6 and you are finally at the finish line. As a professional photographer my job is to ensure your personalities and passions shine through the pictures. After all, this is what ultimately makes it stand out.

I believe the key to document the essence of your wedding is to capture the moments exactly as they happened. Together they tell the story of your day.

I cannot guarantee the perfect weather but I can assure you I will be assertive enough to seek out great moments. I will be cajoling relaxed smiles and natural stances from guests, and calm enough to be a positive force.

If you are looking for a creative wedding photographer and videographer, you are in the right place. I will create your very unique proof of your wedding day.

There are numerous types of photography and the reason I end up as a wedding photographer is simple: it’s a beautiful and magical profession filled with real feelings and emotions. Watching you surrounded by loving people who are there to celebrate your happiness, is just the cherry on the cake.

I consider myself as a documentary style photographer. My aim is to create a story of your wedding day and wrap it up in a reportage style. This way you will be able to see the whole day as it happened and you will be able to recall every moment of it. I believe the best way to create a reportage style wedding portfolio is to approach this in an unobtrusive way. I prefer to mingle in the crowd like a shadow to catch the spirit of the day, I will observe and will capture the laughter and sometimes the happy tears.

Besides, I truly believe that flexing my style to your personality is the key for the perfect images. One thing never changes: at the end of the day, you will have those unseen moments and the must-haves captured. 

So, to sum it up, what can you expect from me? A very positive, passionate and cheerful photographer who will deliver a creative wrap for your magical day, so when you open the box of your memories in 30 years time it melts your heart again.

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“Absolutely amazing photos!

Dina is professional, trustworthy, easy to work with, objective, inspirational, confident and full of patience. Thank you for the fantastic experience!”

– Suzie & Peter –

“Highly recommended!

I recently got married in Hungary and wanted to make every moment of our wedding day memorable and alive. Special thanks to the Dina Zanne team for taking awesome photographs from start to end. I recommend them to everyone who wants a professional and creative expert.”

– Adel and Feri –

“Above and beyond the expectations!

I was happily stunned when I saw my photos. Dina was creative, fun, and was a real artist…and it shows! Thank you so much for preserving our memories!”

– Alena and Christiano –

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